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Prom season is upon us once again and it’s time to secure your Limousine for Prom in a timely manner. This year as we prepare to celebrate Prom season from coast-to-coast, transportation safety and reliability are very important. Yearly, Elegance Limo Services have continued to provide safe and reliable Prom Limousine Service to all our patrons. Our reputation for delivering superb Prom Limousine Service can’t be matched by any provider in the business. Moreover, prom festivities in metro Atlanta is not so different from most cities across the country.

Certainly Atlanta metro residence do share in the usual mad rush to secure transportation service as prom season draws near. Please ensure that your prom outing transportation need is guaranteed by securely reserving a reliable and affordable transportation today with Elegance Limo Services. Take advantage of our exquisite selection of vehicle from our fleet for this occasion. Also, when you book your vehicle early, you can be sure of securing the best vehicle in our lineup.

Elegance Limo Services Stretch Limo

                         Stretch Limo interior

Beside transportation, there are a slue of other events to plan for that which will ensure that your outing with your partner is truly full of fun. For example, do you have a perfect dress for the evening? what shoes matches your dress? Do you have a partner for the evening? Is this a group outing?. Also, a simple thing like your itinerary for this evening can be a factor to consider with your partner or group to avoid surprises. Lastly, it is always good to remember the parental boundaries set for the night, like curfew time, etc. So in keeping with parental or guardian rules with respect to curfew or alcohol use, we at Elegance Limo Services encourage our Chauffeurs to be mindful of such special request.


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