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About us

Welcome to Elegance Limo Services! Please take a quick moment to know a thing or two about Elegance Limo Services (ELS). Since its inception in 2007, ELS  continues to be an industry leader in metropolitan Atlanta. We earned our industry respect by delivering elegant Car Service and Corporate Transportation to many customers. Also, we offer one of the best Limousine and Car Service for personal or corporate events. Additionally, we offer timely transportation to and from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Our mission is to deliver quality car service experience across metro Atlanta. Our vision of delivering a first-class car service to every clientele is achieved by hiring friendly and professional Chauffeurs who are committed to our vision. Thus, Elegance Limo Services’ name has become synonymous with reliability and outstanding client service.

Furthermore, over the years the concerns that customers like you have shared with us has been how to “cut through the chase” in identifying a reputable Limousine company with good track record. Well, we can assure you that when you choose Elegance Limo Services, you’ll be selecting one of the highly regarded Car and Limousine service provider in Atlanta, Georgia. ELS  addresses safety concerns by hiring experienced and vetted drivers as prescribed in OCGA §40-1-151. Our Chauffeur driving team demonstrates professionalism among others in focusing on safety, comfort, and punctuality.


Our services are available 24/7 by booking online or calling us at (404) 820-0289. To make your online reservation quicker in the future, please sign up  by creating a personal or corporate account on our website. Give us a try today! We guarantee your total satisfaction!

Please take a moment to check out other Services, I’m sure you will take advantage of our reasonable prices too.